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The Organiser and Member Activities Register web page provides a public record of Monaro Folk Society Inc. (MFS) activities. All changes via the Input Form are automatically notified to MFS as proposed additions to the register. Please notify any updates to the details by email to secretary at mfs dot org dot au.


The purpose of the Activities Register is to help organisers show that they are running activities on behalf of the limited liability incorporated body, should this unlikely but important need ever arise. This in turn would mean that all liabilities (whether covered by insurance or not) would belong to the society, not to the MFS organiser personally.

It appears that, to be covered by insurance, activities need to be shown to be "approved" by MFS Committee, or by organisers explicitly delegated to approve activities within their area of responsibility on behalf of the society. The activities register provides public evidence of approval by MFS Committee, as well as approval being recorded in the members-only MFS Committee minutes.

Note that in order to be legally considered to be a society activity, it is likely that other tests would also apply:

1) Activity run by MFS financial member(s). Non-members are unlikely to be considered to be running an activity on behalf of the society, and they are not covered by society insurance.

2) Any monies from events paid in to the society bank account.

3) Any payments made by the treasurer with MFS Committee approval (eg a standing authorisation, budget approval, or individual approval).

4) Compliance with MFS Rules of Association and MFS policies.

Contact Details

The register shows contact details for Primary and Alternative Contacts. This allows for emergency or other contact.


The "name of insured" under the public liability insurance policy is "Monaro Folk Society Inc". The Organiser and Member Activities Register is a public record of the activities of the Monaro Folk Society Inc, but entry in the register should not be taken to extend public liability insurance coverage to other than financial members of the society. Members should read the policy wording and the Monaro Folk Society Risk Management Plan.

Roles & Responsibilities

The register contains a brief statement of roles & responsibilities, or link to the MFS Roles and Responsibilities page.

The register contains activities run by organising teams, and ad hoc events run by MFS members.


Activities might be covered under budgets, or may be proposed additions to budgets with budget changes submitted separately. Or there may be no budget requirements, for example a free BYO picnic in the park, or a performance where there is no performance fee and no expenses for reimbursement.


Please see "Activities Register" in the Admin Notes (for MFS Executive use only).

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