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The Monaro Folk Society Bookkeeper(s) assist the MFS Treasurer.

Roles and Responsibilities

1) maintaining the society accounts spreadsheets,

2) producing monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports,

3) handling accounts payable and receivable,

4) assisting the Treasurer with enquiries etc

Example Activities

- Receiving and sorting out mail sent by the secretary. Forwarding on mail that is not relevant to the bookkeeper.

- Paying bills and keeping records of payments. Regular payments include the cost of printing and distributing the Musings, paying bands and hall hire.Other payments such as reimbursements to members, deposits and other bill payments also have to be made. Mostly this is done by electronic transfer, but sometimes the payment has to be made by cheque which involves a second signatory.

- Recording incoming monies. Income is mostly from memberships and dance and Merry Muse takings. Anyone who banks money on behalf of the society sends the bookkeeper an email describing what it was for and setting out how much.

- Some memberships come to the bookkeeper. These are receipted and the cheques are banked.

- Transferring money and working out and recording what the various payments were for so that they can be recorded on the monthly spreadsheet.

- Banking any other cheques.

- Filing Merry Muse Door sheets.

- Bank reconciliation and monthly spreadsheet. End of financial year report.

- Communicating with the treasurer.

- Chasing up invoices.

- Answering queries from society members about past and current payments.

This averages at about two hours a week.

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Other Information

The bookkeeper(s) assist the Treasurer and do not "report" directly to MFS Committee. However they are key volunteers and have bank account signatory status, and so are appointed by MFS Committee.

The bookkeeper(s) should be familiar with the Office-Holders and Organisers Checklist because they are key volunteers, but the Treasurer will take care of all reporting to MFS Committee, and so on, on behalf of the bookkeeper(s).

The Treasurer remains responsible for all policy matters, budget preparation, and reporting to MFS Committee based on the bookkeeper-provided financial reports.

The Treasurer remains the first point of contact for financial matters.

The bookkeeper(s) are not required to attend MFS Committee meetings.

The primary bookkeeper receives a Free Entry Card entitling them to free entry to all MFS events that occur during the period that they remain in the role.


The bookkeeper(s) are authorised by the Treasurer to undertake the following responsibilities specified in the MFS Rules Of Association on the Treasurer's behalf:

"19. Treasurer

The treasurer of the society shall -
(a) collect and receive all monies due to the society and make payments authorised by the society;
(b) keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the society with full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the society."

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