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Colonial Ball Program 2 September 2017

Instructions have now been uploaded - see below.

1 Grand March (couples)
2 Spanish Quadrilles
3 Machine Without Horses (4 couple longways)
4 Westward Ho (9 people in 3 x 3 lines)
5 Maxina (couples)
6 Triplet (quadrille)
7 Nancy Dawson (4 couple longways)
8 Blackwattle Reel couples in a circle - progressive)
9 The Yarralinka (quadrille)
10 Trip to World's End (4 couple longways)
11 Railway Polka (quadrille)
12 On Our Selection (couples - progressive)
13 Sydney Railway Waltz (quadrille)
14 Captain Cook's Country Dance (couples longways)
15 Gypsy Tap (couples)
16 Phillip's Dog (couples longways)
17 Melbourne Waltz (3 couple longways)
18 Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (quadrille)

Many of these dances will be included in Monday Night Bush Dance Workshops from July 24 to August 28 (the Ball caller, Heather Clarke, will be at the last of these) so to learn or practice the dances before hand, come along to All Saints at 8pm on Monday nights. see more... . We will also hold a special workshop on the day of the Ball, with Heather and the Ball musicians, from 1.30 to 3.30pm. Entry by gold coin to help pay for the hall - details of the venue will be released soon so stay tuned for more information on this.

Some dances will also be included at English Country Dance Workshops on 25/7, 8/8 and 22/8 so now there are even more opportunities to learn and practice dances for the Ball.

Instructions for the dances are available in the documents below. All dances are in the main document, however this includes scanned copies of two dances and these may not be completely readable, so these dances are also separately included for easier viewing.

2017 instructions

2017 dance 4

2017 dance 6

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