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Monaro Folk Society Contacts

Email Correspondence:

CC president(at)monarofolk(dot)org(dot)au
Information on joining, or events:

Information on all bush dancing:

email: president(at)monarofolk(dot)org(dot)au
Postal Address:

Monaro Folk Society Inc

PO Box 482
Civic Square ACT 2608

ABN: 16 681 044 344
Not registered for GST

MFS Committee

MFS Committee 2017-2018
Position Name Telephone email
President Geoff Kell 02 6227 7247 president(at)monarofolk(dot)com
Vice-President Position vacant
Secretary Ian Bull secretary(at)monarofolk(dot)org(dot)au
Treasurer Tina Lynam treasurer(at)monarofolk(dot)org(dot)au
Public Officer Antonella Salpietro publicofficer(at)monarofolk(dot)org(dot)au
Members John Hewat, Anne Mathas, Matthew Gibbins

Monaro Musings Newsletter

Editor: Tina Lynam
Contributions to: editor(at)monarofolk(dot)org(dot)au
Monaro Musings Wrap Co-ordinators: Pat & Arminel Ryan

Other Contacts

Other Contacts
Position Name Telephone email
Membership Secretary Declan O'Connell 6257 8717 membership(at)monarofolk(dot)org(dot)au
Coordinator, Merry Muse Vacant
For information

0412 127 882
PA Coordinator, Merry Muse
PA Coordinator, Dance++ Vacant 6255 2189
Convenor, End of Month Dance Organising Team

End of Month bush dances, Colonial Ball, Kids' Dance, Shearers Ball, New Years Eve Woolshed Dance.

Vacant   dance(at)monarofolk(dot)org(dot)au
Convenor, Bush Dance Group

First Saturday bush dances, Monday night dance classes, Australian Heritage Dance, Kids' Dance, Bush Christmas Dance, Dancing in the Park

Mark Simmons (please note I am not contactable between 7/5 and 7/6/17) 0421 814 718 (please contact Geoff Kell - see President above) marksimmons(at)hotmail(dot)com(dot)au
(please contact Geoff Kell - see President above)
Convenor, Tuesday Night Music Group Julie Szabo
6282 3523
6161 3236
Convenor, Irish Set Dance Group Christine
0413 168 562
0413 396 258
Convenor, Canberra Contra Club Rob Mahony 6251 1287 Robert(dot)Mahony(at)anu(dot)edu(dot)au
Web Manager Simon David webmaster(at)monarofolk(dot)org(dot)au Web Team mfsweb(at)googlegroups(dot)com

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