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EOMDOT Door Team Free Entries

The rostered door team are afforded free entry to the event and also to one other End of Month Dance Organising Team (EOMDOT)-run dance (other than the Colonial Ball).

Free Entry Tokens are used to track the free entries. These tokens are issued to door volunteers on their rostered night, on a "self-serve" basis with an audit trail on the door tally sheet.

The tokens are numbered and the token numbers issued and returned are recorded on the door tally sheet.

Free Entry Tokens - Conditions of Use

1) Tokens are valid for two years from the date of issue.

2) Tokens are valid for any EOMDOT-run event, other than the Colonial Ball. They are valid for

- EOM dances,

- The Shearers Ball, and

- The New Years Eve dance.

3) Tokens are NOT valid for

- The Colonial Ball

- Events run by Bush Dance Group - the First Saturday dances, Gala Ball, etc.

- Any other events that are not run by EOMDOT, including Contra and Irish Set Dancing.

4) Tokens are not transferable.

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