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Google Calendar

The Monaro Folk Society uses a Google calendar. To view the calendar, click the calendar link in the navigation panel over there on your left. The calendar is public so anyone can view. Additionally certain people have edit permissions, so they can add/modify/delete events. If you think you need edit permissions, there are 2 ways to accomplish this:

  1. Someone who already has edit permissions must add your email address (doesn't have to be a google email address) to the list of editors. Any current editor can do this by going into the calendar settings. Simply post a message to a relevant MFS discussion group (email list) asking for someone to help.
  2. Someone who is an admin of the Google Apps domain must add your email address (doesn't have to be a google email address) to the group "[email protected]". Currently there 2 admins (Simon, Lance).

Once someone has given you edit access, you can add/modify/delete events on the calendar. To do this, Google first needs to verify that you are who you are. Go to calendar.google.com and google will ask you to login. If you haven't already, create an account with your email address (it doesn't have to be a google email address). Then login using your email address and password. Once you are logged in, you should see a list of calendars on the left-hand-side. Click the calendar name to toggle the display of the calendar. With the calendar displayed, click on a date or time and right click. Follow the prompts to create a new event.

Note: Only one event needs to be created for a recurring event (see the "repeat" options while creating an event).

Category Codes

Each item in the MFS Google Calendar contains category code(s) at the foot of the item.

These codes allow retrieval of lists of entries in various ways, using the standard Google Calendar search function. Each code represents a search purpose, such as xM to flag "all entries for the MFS printed dance calendar".

The category codes are:


xM MFS Dance Event (for the printed MFS dance calendar)
xA Bush Dance event (for all bush dance publicity selection)


xB Bush Dance Group
xC Canberra Contra Club
xD Dancing For Dancers
xE End of Month Dance Organising Team
xL Club Night
xS Irish Set Dancing event
xU Merry Muse


xN Non-MFS event
xO Other MFS event (MFS AGM, meetings, special events etc)

The "Other" entries allow us to tell the difference between "none of the above" and "forgot to code".

Each code represents a simple "word" that can be entered in the search box to find all the matching entries.


Two standard lines are included at the bottom of each calendar entry, containing the organiser name and space delimited category codes enclosed in square brackets eg:

Organiser: MFS Bush Dance Group
[ xM xA xB ]

Organiser: MFS Club Night
[ xL ]

Organiser: MFS Contra Club
[ xM xC ]

Organiser: MFS Dancing For Dancers
[ xM xD ]

Organiser: MFS End of Month Dance Organising Team
[ xM xA xE ]

Organiser: MFS Irish Set Dancing
[ xM xS ]

Organiser: [Non-MFS Organiser Name eg Surly Griffin Morris Side]

[ xN ]

Organiser: [MFS Organiser name, for the AGM, meetings etc. eg MFS Committee]
[ xO ]

Organiser: MFS Merry Muse
[ xU ]

Calendar Listings

Example search for category code

MFS Event Organisers can find their events by typing their code (for example xB or xU) into the Google Calendar search box.

To avoid false results where the code appears in the middle of unrelated text or a link, put a space before and after the code, both in the calendar then when searching. See also Editing the Calendar.

Bush Dance publicity officers can find all bush dance events by typing xA into the Google Calendar search box.

The person doing the MFS printed dance calendar can list all MFS dance events by typing xM into the search box.

As at the time of writing:

1) In order to see the "Search Calendar" box, after following the calendar link on the MFS Main Page, you may need to click on the "+GoogleCalendar" button at the bottom right of the calendar.

2) In order to see further results after the first page, you may need to navigate the "mini-calendar" on the left and click on the date that you wish to restart at (usually the day after the last date displayed in your list).

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