End of Month Dance Organising Team Roles and Responsibilities

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Roles & Responsibilities

The End-of-month Dance Organising Team runs monthly bush dances, usually on the last Saturday evening of each month. It also runs the annual MFS Colonial Ball, the traditional New Year’s Eve dance at the Yarralumla Woolshed, and the Shearers Ball with the popular Kids’ Dance in March at the Yarralumla Woolshed. These replace the regular bush dance in those months.

The End-of-month Dance Organising Team’s objective is to hold bush dances that are enjoyable for the attendees. To ensure this, we have lively music played by good bands, with good callers, and a social non-judgemental atmosphere.

Approved: MFS Committee, 2009-10 Budget

Example Activities

  • Planning dances.
  • Booking venues.
  • Booking bands.
  • Dance publicity - electronic, printed and word of mouth.
  • Production of budgets and financial reports.

Web Content Management

Responsible For

Provide Updates for MFS Committee Approval

  • End of Month Dance Organising Team Roles and Responsibilities (this document)

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