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The Reason

A number of people have suggested to me that in order to recruit and retain a bookkeeper we need to either pay an honorarium or further divide up the job. The bookkeeper role has proven particularly difficult to fill. Even though it is a highly rewarding role it can require some hours of intensive work.

The Role

It appears that the most time-consuming part of the job is figuring out what to do with all the material that is received. I think we can make the job less of a burden by improving our processes, and I will look at introducing improvements to make things easier for everyone - suggestions more than welcome.

I have also received reports that we need to remind all our members of the importance of polite dealings with our bookkeeper, and indeed with all our much-appreciated volunteers.

An Honorarium?

I am not keen on paying an honorarium because of all the other volunteers who give freely of their time.

Another Way

However, volunteers who perform specific functions - door folk, core set-up volunteers, etc, do get free entry and I think that is entirely appropriate and necessary to attract and retain these volunteers.

A Unique Solution for a Unique Role

The bookkeeper position is unique amongst our activities.

We have elected positions that are filled by great folk who stand for election and work tirelessly and publically for our cause.

And we have numerous non-elected but vital support volunteers who help us for altruistic reasons and because they see the need, but do not find the work beyond what they are willing to offer.

Then we have most of our volunteers helping because they are passionate about a particular activity. If no-one cares about the activity then we simply drop it. If the MFS Committee is passionate about an activity but cannot find volunteers to promote and run that activity, it has to go into recess until volunteers come forward.

The bookkeeper position cannot go into recess, we must pay our accounts.

Who is Entitled to Free Entry?

For the reasons above, the MFS Committee has decided that the main bookkeeper position will come with free entry to all MFS events that occur while the person remains in the position. This includes events like the Colonial Ball, in appreciation.

Much as we value all our volunteers, I believe this benefit should only apply to this one position, due to the unique nature of this position as described above.

The current bookkeeper is shown as the first member of the bookkeeping team on the Members' site and I hope all door folk will make our bookkeeper welcome at any MFS event. Our bookkeeper will have a laminated "Free Entry Card" signed by the President and Treasurer.

The Rewards

The main rewards in stepping forward to do the Bookkeeper's job are in a job well done and helping the cause, but this is an additional and special benefit. The role is the main role described under Bookkeeper Roles and Responsibilities.

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