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Status Line

Please include a status line at the end of each web page. This should describe who is responsible for the content shown on the page, and the current status of the page.

An example as entered into the edit page is:

Content Manager: [[MFS WebManager]]; Status: Work In Progress

The "----" displays as a horizontal line.

The Content Manager entry should be a link to the page giving the contact details of the page's content manager.

This might be, for example:

  • Web Manager
  • MFS Committee
  • Merry Muse Committee
  • End of Month Dance Committee
  • Bush Dance Group Committee
  • Contra Club Committee

The status might be one of:

  • Draft (Date) - Content complete on (Date), for comment, additions or amendment
  • Work In Progress - Content being built, additions or amendment welcome
  • Awaiting Approval (Date) - All work completed on (Date), awaiting content manager approval.
  • Approved (Date) - approved by the content manager - officeholder or committee - on the date shown.
  • Approved and Monitored (Date) - approved by the content manager and page changes monitored
  • Uncontrolled - content contributed by various users and approved by the contributor.
  • Uncontrolled and Monitored - changes monitored

See also

Content Manager: MFS Web Manager; Status: Draft 11 February 2009

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