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Payment Methods

The Monaro Folk Society offers several payment methods:

1) Direct Bank Transfer accompanied by emailed details, by performing the transfer and notifying us of the purpose of the payment by email.

2) Cash or cheque at paid events accompanied by details, for example a membership form.

3) Cheque accompanied by details, sent to PO Box PO Box 482 Civic Square ACT 2608

Direct Bank Transfer accompanied by emailed details is the society's preferred payment method.

PayPal is no longer available. Please use Direct Bank Transfer accompanied by emailed details.

Direct Bank Transfer

Direct Bank Transfer accompanied by emailed details is the society's preferred payment method. Direct your bank to perform the transfer, then email us the payment details and information about the payment.

Bank Transfer Details

Account name: Monaro Folk Society Inc
BSB: 325185 (yes, this has changed as of July 2017)
Account Number: 03602040
Reference: please show your name(s) eg "Brown, A&B"
Note: The above is a BeyondBank account. If paying from BeyondBank, you will need to use the "Pay Member" option and show "Mon" as the "first three characters of last name".

You must send us an email advising us of your direct bank transfer and its purpose, so that we can process the payment. Please see "Email Payment Details" below.

Email Payment Details

For both members and non-members, in order that we can process your payment correctly, please email a copy of the payment details (date and time paid, etc) and your information about the payment

TO   payments(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au 
CC membership(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au (if the payment relates to membership)
CC colonialball(at)monarofolk(dot)org(dot)au (if the payment relates to Colonial Ball tickets)

Help fight spam. Please replace (at) and (dot) in the email addresses above with their respective single characters and no spaces or brackets.

Your bank may offer to email the payee. In which case, you can show your email address and then forward the bank email to us, with your information as a preamble.

Please include your name(s), address, phone number, and email address in your information, along with other specific information for the type of payment.

Type and Amount of Payment

Please indicate the type(s) of payment in your email, for example New Membership, Renewal Membership, Colonial Ball tickets, or "A Score and a Half of Folk" book purchase.

Membership Applications

The following information is required for membership applications. Renewing members can simply advise "no change to membership details" if this is the case.

1. Members' Names - Please advise the names of all members for this membership. If it is a single membership this will be one name, for family memberships it is all family members on the membership.

2. Postal Address including Postcode

3. Preferred and other phone number(s)

4. Email address(es)

5. Type of membership:

  • Single $30
  • Single Concession $24 (show Concession card details below)
  • Family $44
  • Family Concession $30 (show Concession card details below)
  • Remote $24 (Remote rate applies if you do not live in the ACT or in Postcode Area 2582, 2620 or 2621)

1 July to 31 December The full year rate as shown above is applicable
1 January to 31 March Half Year Membership, the above rates are halved
1 April to 30 June Bonus Period up to 3 months at no cost, the rate is that of the next membership year (currently the same as this year).

6. Renewing? Please let us know whether you are applying for membership or renewing. Membership number if known.

7. Monaro Musings Delivery Method - If you wish to receive your copy of Monaro Musings by post please advise 'Paper by Mail', if you would prefer to help save the environment by saving paper then please advise 'Electronically by Website' to receive a link to your copy of the Monaro Musings in your email each month.

8. Concession Card Type - If you are entitled to a Single Concession or Family Concession membership please tell us what type of concession card you are relying on. Only Centrelink Concessions, Government Seniors cards, or Student cards will be accepted.

9. Concession Card No. - Please provide the number of your valid concession card (if applicable).

Membership Application Checklist

You may wish to copy and paste this checklist into your email:

1. Members' Name(s):
2. Address including Postcode:
3. Preferred and other phone number(s):
4. Email address(es):
5. Type of membership: 
6. Renewing(Yes/No) and Membership number if known:
7. Monaro Musings Delivery 'Paper by Mail'/ 'Electronic':
8. Concession Card Type:
9. Concession Card No:


TO   payments(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au 
CC membership(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au

Help fight spam. Please replace (at) and (dot) in the email addresses above with their respective single characters and no spaces or brackets.


Receipts are not issued for Direct Bank Transfers, unless specifically requested.

New Membership / Renewal Membership

Memberships taken out between 1 January and 31 March are charged at half the normal rate for the current membership year, and cover the period from date of joining until the end of that membership year on 30 June following.

Memberships taken out between 1 April and 30 June are charged at the rate for the next membership year, but cover the period from date of joining until 30 June of the year following - this means a bonus period of up to 3 months is available at no cost.

The Conditions of Membership shown on the Membership Form also apply to electronic applications.

Colonial Ball

The 2017 Colonial Ball will be held on 2 September 2017 at the Albert Hall - for full details click on this link.

The types of Colonial Ball Tickets, and pricing, is shown below. As the Colonial Ball is fully catered, pre-purchase of tickets is essential for catering numbers. There will be NO tickets sold at the event.

Ticket sales closed on August 30. Late bookings may be accepted subject to availability (through cancellations), but will incur a $5 late booking fee in addition to the prices listed below.

For late ticket purchases, please contact Antonella - ph 0413 295 004

2017 Colonial Ball ticket types: Early Bird
Until Aug 30
MFS Members / Groups / Interstate Visitors N/A 64
Other Adult N/A 69
Under-18 (accompanied by adult dancer) or full time student (student id card must be shown on request) N/A 34
Non-Dancer N/A 50
Musician Companion N/A 35

Note that tickets purchased online will be confirmed by email, with the tickets available for collection from 7.20pm at the door on the evening of the Ball.

Ball Ticket Application Checklist

To pay by Direct Bank Transfer, our preferred method, please calculate the total to be paid and make the transfer as above. Then advise the email addresses below of the tickets being ordered. Advise the transfer date and Reference used, plus the total transfer made, then the details of each ticket - we suggest that you copy and paste this checklist into your email - repeated for each ticket being requested:

1. Name of person the Ticket is for:
2. Ticket Type:
3. Price paid:


TO   payments(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au 
CC colonialball(at)monarofolk(dot)org(dot)au

Help fight spam. Please replace (at) and (dot) in the email addresses above with their respective single characters and no spaces or brackets.

A Score and a Half of Folk

'A Score and a Half of Folk', the history of the Monaro Folk Society is available for purchase.

TO payments(at)mfs(dot)org(dot(au)

This book is also available for purchase at Bush dances and the Merry Muse.

Remaindered at $9.99 (plus $3.95 Postage & Handling)

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