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The Monaro Folk Society Membership Secretary Team assist the MFS Secretary.

Roles and Responsibilities


1) maintaining the society membership records,

2) producing quarterly and annual membership reports,

3) handling paper and electronic membership forms,

4) Issue of membership cards,

5) banking cheques received with membership forms,

6) assisting the Secretary with membership enquiries etc,

7) production of monthly mailing labels, postcode counts and email distribution files for the journal 'Monaro Musings',

8) production of current member door lists as required

9) production of monthly membership spreadsheet for the Public Officer,

10) production of adhoc reports, extracted from the membership database, as required,

11) Maintenance of the Membership Application form.

Example Activities

  • Updating of the MFS membership database on receipt of paper and electronic applications.
  • Regular backup of membership database.
  • Filing of all applications (including printed electronic applications).
  • Mailout of membership cards, writing of receipts for cheque payments and any other applications not yet receipted.
  • Setting up public and members only wiki accounts, setting up and maintenance of mfs-announce accounts as required.
  • Emailing members re membership details - responding to queries from members.
  • Production of a monthly Monaro Musings address label and postcode counts file which is emailed to a designated label printer prior to wrap night.
  • Maintenance of the membership application form.
  • Issue of receipts for cheque payments received via mail.
  • Banking of cheques and email notification to bookkeeper.
  • Reminder emails to non-renewing members.
  • Production of membership summary extracts for use by the Merry Muse and other groups as required.
  • Production of payment summaries as requested.
  • Maintenance of website documentation relating to membership.

Web Content Management

Responsible For

Provide Updates for MFS Committee Approval

  • Membership Secretary Team Roles and Responsibilities (this document)

Other Web Content Management

Other Information

The Membership Secretary Team assist the Secretary. However they are key volunteers and so are appointed by MFS Committee.

The Membership Secretary Team are not required to attend MFS Committee meetings.


The Membership Secretary Team are authorised by the Secretary to undertake the following responsibilities specified in the MFS Rules Of Association on the Secretary's behalf:


6. Membership qualifications(br> ...
Application for membership shall be lodged with the Secretary.

7. Registration of Members

The Secretary shall, on receipt of the application and payment by the applicant of the amounts referred to in 6, enter the applicant's name in the Register of Members and, upon the name being so entered, the applicant shall become a member of the Society."

Content Manager: MFS Committee advised by MFS Membership Secretary; Status:Draft

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