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Your Photos

We love seeing your photos and videos, and sharing them on our web pages. Please upload them to a photo/video sharing site like Picasa, Flickr or YouTube and send us the link. Or attach photos to an email and send them to us. We are only using photos for web display, not printing, so they don't need to be more than say 300K in size. But, if resizing photos is not your thing, just send them anyway. The address is secretary(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au.

Please make it clear that we have your permission to share your photos, and what attribution if any you would like.

Photo Links

Please see Photo Links for links to members' photos and other event pic links.

Colonial Ball Photos

John Carroll has restored his history of Heritage Dances (Colonial Balls), 1981 - 2011, that he compiled years ago, to his website. [Link]

Many thanks to our 2011 Colonial Ball professional photographer Don Burt for the following image.

Photo courtesy Don Burt Photography
2011 MFS Colonial Ball. Photo courtesy Don Burt Photography

Video Sharing Using YouTube

Please see our Video Links page for videos related to Monaro Folk Society activities. If you are an MFS member, please feel free to add links to your videos to the Video Links page.

Photo Sharing Using Picasa

There were lots of cameras at the Colonial Ball and we thought it would be good to share some of the photos. We have uploaded some that we have received, at:

If you would like to choose some (or all) of your photos to share with us, that would be lovely. Just email dance(at)mfs(dot)org(dot)au and we will make you a "friend" of the photo sharing site. You will then be able to upload photos to the site for all to see.

It appears that Picasa does not display the filename of the uploaded photo, so you need to include any details for display in the photo caption in Picasa. If you would like to add the same caption to a batch of photos before uploading them, in Windows 7 you can:

1) select the photos,
2) right-click on any of the selected photos,
3) left-click on "Properties"
4) left-click on the "Details" tab
5) Type the caption into the "Title" box under "Value", eg
"2011 MFS Colonial Ball 3 Sept 2011 Photo from John S." (without the quotes)
The title will appear as the caption under each of the pictures in Picasa.

Another option is to copy your caption and quickly paste it into each photo in Picasa in turn.

We have used Picasa because they are popular and allow a large amount of free storage.

Photo Sharing Using flickr

Flickr from is a popular photo sharing site. The following groups were established for sharing MFS-related photos:

Bush Dancing

The Bush Dancing photo pool, including MFS bush dancing events and the Wonderful Long Weekend of Bush Dancing at Bundanoon.

The Bush Dancers display group

The Bush Dancers display group photo pool, including the Murray River trip and your photos of display group events. The organisers' photos are published at:

You can add groups to this list, just click the "Edit" tab above.


If you wish to have a look at the photos, the "slideshow" button on the flickr group pool pages works well. You don't need any login for this, just click on a flickr link above.

Uploading - Setup

You can obtain a desktop uploading tool that will compact your photos before uploading them. This will save you time and upload size. To obtain the software, click on then choose "Flickr Uploadr".

If you already have a login for, you can use it on flickr, but if not it's relatively straightforward to get one. Click the "Sign Up" button on the title page and then the "Sign Up" link on the yahoo page that follows. Fill in the information, follow the steps and you'll be done in a couple of minutes. The free yahoo and flickr services are sufficient for the photo pooling described on this page.

Uploading Your Photos

Start the Flickr Uploadr, click Tools / Preferences and set automatic resizing to 800 pixels.

Follow the prompts to upload your photos to your flickr page, and then share them with the group, for example by clicking "Join this Group" and "Add Something" on the group pool page

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