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New Dancer Survey

(Bush Dancing, Welcome New Dancer Survey Administration)

The purpose of this survey is to carry out basic market research. We are interested in folk who are new to bush dancing, how they heard about us and what they thought. They are our future.

The survey is administered by Barbara & Lance C on behalf of the EOM Dance Organising Team and the Bush Dance Group Committee.

The survey covers new dancers at all bush dances and classes, but at this stage does not include Taming the Waltz, Contra or Irish Set Dancing for example.

The reason is simplicity and what we are interested in. The survey results are available to all who participate, and there would be sensitivities about cross-flow of feedback, and little value for one distinct activity in obtaining results from a different activity. If dancers come to bush dancing from other styles we, as bush dance organisers, really need to know what dancers think about bush dancing, not their initial style.

The survey software will only allow one response per household. It is therefore suitable for a new dancers survey, but not a suggestion box where folk might want to make more than one suggestion.

The survey is at

Survey Monkey explicitly permits organisers to share one logon with one shared password. It handles multiple organisers logging in to the one account and making changes at the same time. It does not allow separate logons to to be permitted administrative access to one survey.

So, we have a shared account named MFSDance with the password made available at meetings, or by phone on request. All members of EOMDOT and BDGC and key helpers are permitted to use this account to see the survey results. Any of these are also able to make changes to the survey and in fact will have full ownership permissions.

The intention is to give organisers the ability to see the results, however any organiser can make changes to the survey after consulting with other organisers. The group bush-dance-organisers(at)googlegroups(dot)com may be used to consult other bush dancing organisers.

To Read Survey Results

1) Enter address into your web browser:

2) Click "Sign In" (not "Sign Up")

3) Enter your username:

4) Enter your password:

5) Click "Sign In"

6) Click the "Analyze" icon next to "Welcome New Dancer Survey"

7) Click "Show Responses" against each question.

Discussion of Survey Results

The group bush-dance-organisers(at)googlegroups(dot)com may be used to discuss survey results. You can look at discussions on the web at or join the group to receive discussion emails. You can make comments by emailing bush-dance-organisers(at)googlegroups(dot)com

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