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Word Version

The Musings files are all saved in Word 2003 DOC format. The DOC format can be read by Open Office, and by older versions of Word, as well as Word 2007. There is one file per issue:

Standard Layout

  1. Page borders: 1.4cm
  2. Space between columns: 0.4cm
  3. Normal text: Times New Roman 10 point.
  4. Three columns

Start A New Issue

  1. Download a blank Media:Musings 12 Page Blank.doc
  2. If you need to change the information in the blank, make the changes in the blank (as well as the current issue, if the changes are discovered after work has started) and upload the replacement blank.
  3. NEVER delete the section breaks. They contain the column formatting and footers.
  4. Change Volume and No to eg Volume 18 No 1. 2009 is Volume 18 and February is No 1. Change "Month Year" (without the quotes) to eg February 2009.


It is useful to leave table and text box borders until all is finished, then right-click on each text box and click Borders&Shading / None, or whatever you want. Just so you can see where the tables and text boxes are when you are working.

Floating Pictures

For a picture with caption between newspaper columns, see Add a caption to a floating object in In a nutshell, you can paste pictures into floating text boxes as well as text. Make sure that you have the text box selected, not the picture inside it, before moving the text box. This will move the text box including its contents. You can also copy and paste text boxes.

The Musings Banner

This is three floating text boxes. If you have display of paragraph marks turned on (Home / Backward P), you will see some little strokes on the banner. These are just bits of paragraph marks and won't show in Print Preview or Print.

Layout Tools

The main layout tools are:

Copy and paste text box

Page Layout / Columns / More Columns. The standard spacing between columns is 0.5cm.

Serpentine (Flowing Newspaper) Columns

  • Page Layout / Columns / More Columns for unevenly sized columns

To get a vertical line you can select the paragraphs on the left say, then click Home and in the "Paragraph" group, the drop-down arrow for borders. Select the last option, Borders and Shading, then click a right border on the diagram and apply to "Paragraph".

Floating text boxes with pictures and captions in them

Picture Layout (a little Dog) Text Boxes and their borders and layout Paragraph Borders - Home / Paragraph / little arrow bottom right of Paragraph tab.

Compressing Pictures

To compress the pictures in a Word DOC file so that it can be emailed:

  1. Click on any picture to select it
  2. Click on "Picture Tools"
  3. Click on "Compress Pictures"
  4. Select Options Screen (150ppi). This seems to be enough for the printing process used.
  5. Click "OK"

Uploading to the Web

  1. Compress all .DOC file pictures, as above
  2. Save As PDF
  3. Check the filesize in Windows Explorer
  4. Note the file size limit on uploading is 2MB
  5. Edit the Monaro Musings list at

  1. Copy the first line eg
    *[[Media:MM09I04MayFinal.pdf|Monaro Musings May 2009 (1MB PDF)]]
  2. Paste it in as a new first line and change the filename to match your colour PDF file name, and if necessary change the approximate file size in the new top line.
  3. Show Preview to check your editting
  4. Save Page to save your changes
  5. Click on the (red) first line
  6. Browse to your colour PDF and upload it.


If you do something and don't like the look of the result, Ctrl+Z immediately to undo the change.

Copy the whole doc file before starting an edit session, in case things get corrupted so you can at least fall back to the start of your session.

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