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All MFS organisers and volunteers are requested to ensure that they are listed in the members-only contact details listing. You may wish to start with the Absolute Beginners Guide To Updating Your Members-Only Contact Details

In addition, there may be a number of other pages that need to be kept updated by organisers, depending on the organiser's web presence. This may include the public Contact Us details for publically available contact details.

It is desirable that useful public contact details appear on this page for each of our activities, but it is your call which contact details you wish to disclose by entering them on this page.

MFS Organisers should ensure that their Roles and Responsibilities statements are up-to-date. All areas of the MFS need to be listed in the members-only contact details listing and also in the public Roles and Responsibilities listing.

In each case there is a summary showing the levels of the organisation, with each entry being a link to a page for that area. If a link is shown in red, you can click on the link to create the missing page.

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