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The Wiki Correspondence Course (WCC) was run as an email correspondence course managed by a leader sending one email lesson per week. It ran from June to August 2013. It is published here as a resource for anyone who wishes to update the material and run the course again.

It may also be useful as a self-paced course, if you don't mind checking your own work. Even better, find yourself a WCC buddy and check each other's work, and jolly each other along.

The course is aimed at covering just the basics needed for the MFS wiki.

There is an enormous amount of information on the web, and it is ever changing and ever expanding. I (Lance C) researched each lesson by including the word "mediawiki" in a Google search, to make sure the material was up to date. If I saw material that was suitable then I included the link, but usually the material was confusing for beginners. Thus this course to break down the essential information into twelve bite size chunks.

The target audience is absolute beginners and above.

If I knew of any particular sites that provide simple information then I would not have written this course. But I don't and so I did. For any students that have the time and inclination to go beyond the course material, Google is your friend.


The Course

These are copies of sent emails, for reference. Enrolments are not being taken.
Wiki Correspondence Course (WCC) - Call for Enrolments
Re: Enroll WCC
Last Call for Enrolments - Wiki Correspondence Course (WCC)
WCC Lesson 1 - Getting to Know You
WCC Lesson 2 – Logging In and Editing
WCC Lesson 3 – Your User Page
WCC Lesson 4 – Simple Formatting & Headings
WCC Lesson 5 – Line Spacing
WCC Lesson 6 - Links
WCC Lesson 7– Tables
WCC Lesson 8– Images
WCC Lesson 9 - HTML Formatting
WCC Lesson 10 - Navigation
WCC Lesson 11 - Undo
WCC Lesson 12 - Where To From Here?

Even if you treat this as a self-paced course, please take a few minutes to fill in your anonymous assessment of the course at:

The assessment consists of four quick questions to help us to help others.

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